The VSF Story



“VSF” stands for “Vin Sans Fin”, a wordplay in French meaning “wine without end”. We love wine and spirits and we are eager to share our enthusiasm for wine, beer, spirits and Japanese saké with others. With knowledge, one will enjoy these amazing creations of life much more! Whether you are new to these drinks or have been enjoying them for a long time, leisure or passionate drinkers, we have something to make your experience to greater heights! 



VSF Wine Education Singapore is the education branch of Wine Kaypoh. We want to share the knowledge with everyone who shares this passion too. (Education is being kaypoh!)

We organise an array of certification courses and lifestyle courses, tasting events and customised private events throughout the year. Join us to explore the fascinating world of wine and spirits with VSF Wine Education Singapore!

Wine Kaypoh is our wine shop where you will find Eastern European wines, exotica + rare wines, spirits and more by our specialist. If you are busybody like us who like to have rare products, this is the place to be! Be kaypoh!

We are working to be accredited by various wine accreditation to run wine/beer/spirits/sake courses!